Important information concerning the demonstration

On September 16, 2017

→ In May the Italian government has introduced legislation to increase the number of mandatory vaccines from 4 to 10.
→ In France, the government has announced that it will increase the number of mandatory vaccines from 3 to 11 in 2018.
→ In Poland and Hungary there are very harsh mandatory vaccination laws with the provision to remove children from their parents if they refuse to vaccinate them.
→ In Germany we don't want to wait for vaccinations to become mandatory.
On September 16 we will demonstrate in Berlin to demand the Europe-wide abolition of mandatory vaccination and to safeguard freedom of choice concerning vaccination in the German-language countries.

Programme & Itinerary

→ Meeting place: from about 11 am at the Bayer/Schering, Müllerstraße 178; Berlin Wedding, U-Bahnhof Reinickendorfer Str.
→ 12.00 midday: welcome, short speeches, start of a 3.2 km long protest march

Guests and speakers at the demonstration  
Dr. Johann Loibner, Rolf Kron, Daniel Trappitsch, Hans Tolzin, Dr. Andrew Wakefield (more to be announced soon). Michael Leitner leads the programme and „Die Bandbreite“ will provide musical support.
Because in Italy many demonstrators wear orange clothing and look really great in this bright colour, we ask participants to do the same. So, those of you who want to, please come wearing ORANGE!


→ Meeting place is Müllerstraße 178, 200m south-east of the train station Wedding (S 41, S 42, U6).
→ from the Berlin main train station via Bus 120, 4 stations to the bus stop Reinickendorfer Straße
→from Berlin ZOB walk 300m to S-Bhf Messe Nord/ICC. Then take the S41, 5 stations to the train station „Wedding“.
→ Arrival by bus from outside Berlin: FLIXBUS also travels to the bus stop "Alt Tegel" at various times and then travels up into the U6 to Reinickendorfer Straße

Where to spend the night
  • Here is a list of reasonably priced lodgings:
  • Hotel Graf Pückler, Schönwalder Straße 21, 13347 Berlin Wedding, Tel. 030-4606290
  • Businesshotel Berlin GmbH & Co. KG, Pasewalker Straße 97, 13127 Berlin-Pankow Fon +49 30476980, Fax + 49 30 47698.453,
  • Hotel Transit, Hagelberger Straße 53–54, 10965 Berlin-Kreuzberg,, Tel.: +49 (0)30 789 04 70, Fax: +49 (0)30 789 04 777

We need donations for a car, technical arrangements, flyers, advertising and to artist fees.
Bank-Konto: Buergerinitiative FIEGZ , IBAN DE93100900002344794009

We are very grateful for all donations!

More info
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Or you can follow us on Facebook or contact us via e-mail:

Please be patient if we don't answer immediately as we are 4 working mothers, so spare time is at a premium.


Come to Berlin! It is time to make our voices heard! For the preservation of our freedom of choice concerning vaccination! For a self-determined future of our children!



The countdown is running and the day of the Berlin Protest for free vaccination choice is getting closer.
We would like to sincerely thank many diligent helpers and also the donors.
We are looking forward to great guest speakers and are very curious about how many of you will be there, too.
About schedule:
We meet 11.00 am at Bayer / Schering in the Müllerstrasse 178
(U-Bhf Reinickendorfer Strasse) - For drivers: Please use the Park and Ride service…/Park_and_Ride_in_Berlin.html
For the first 100 children, we have to give Caps with the inscription "Impfen muss freiwillig bleiben” (“vaccination must remain voluntarily").
The helium balloons will be distributed during the entire event at the car. Please remember to hold them or fix them somewhere. They are to rise together to the end of the rally.
From 12.00 am we will take a 3,2 km long walk. We can be noisy. We look forward to many creative ideas.
No later than 3 pm we will arrive at the Alexanderplatz. We will hear many great speakers mixed with music contributions there. At 5:00 pm, we will read the Manifesto together, then let the 1000 balloons rise with a countdown.
During the rally, the kids can be made colorful with their street chalks or can be painted on their own.
In the vicinity of the car we will have a little information center, where we will gladly answer questions, flyers for redistribution and much more. (We also look forward to small donations!)
If you want to say something (2 or 3 minutes, as affected parents, from your sight), please get in contact with us at the car at 11am! We want to hear your voices at the meeting point and during the entire march! If you cannot speak in german, please tell us before what you will say in your language – please tell us in english (few words on a paper), so we can translate in german for the german people. If you visit the protest from another country – please show your flags! We want to show that our protest is international!
The event comes to an end at 6 pm.
We look forward to seeing you!
Please care for food and drinks for yourself, it will be a long afternoon!